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crafty clipboard question for croq! [Mar. 27th, 2007|09:32 am]
CROQ Zine!


It's time for a new issue of CROQ! Yay!

And I'm looking for answers for the Crafty Clipboard! It's not just a way to share your answer to the question of each issue, but also a way to spread the word of your business!

And the question this month is....

Seeing that it's hip to knit (or crochet or craft in general) and all the celebrities are doing it, who do you think is a 'closeted celebrity crafter?' And why?*

My answer:
Who: Mr. T
Why: Because not only do I think Mr. T has a soft side, I also think that with his mohawk, he needs lots of warm hats in winter.

Betsy, craftivism.com

Have an answer? Either respond to this post or email me here!

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*C'mon, you know you've had this conversation, too!