CROQ 10 is now available

CROQ 10 is now available

Buy it here for $4.00

Issue 10 is our "Travelin' Crafty" Issue
Cover illustration by Kathleen Habbley of

CROQ Feedback 4
Crafty Clipboard 5
Staying Savvy as Your Star Rises 6
Craft Congress Road Trip 8
So What is Craftivism, Anyway? 8
Crafts on the Go:
Best Portable Projects 10
Sublime Stitcher Speaks: Jenny Hart on Indie Business 11
The Long Haul: Have Crafts, Will Travel 14
Thea Starr, Super Star 16
Demonstrations and Teaching: Adventures in the Crafty Classroom 18
Crafting: The Universal Language 20
Dress of the Month Club 22
Craft Spirit: Where’s Our PBS Special 23
Crafty Travels: Heading West 24
Joining Amigurumi 26
Culling Stuff... It’s Damn Hard! 27
Morsbags: Guerilla Activism 28
The Leather Coat Project: Part 3 29
Make Your Own Lingerie 31
Crafty Mama: Summer Reading 33
On the Road with Crafty Kids 34
Crafty Scientist at Large 35
Travel Zine Reviews 36
Eating Cheap on the Road 37
Two Sandwiches for the Road 38
10 Things I Never Knew Until I was Vegan 40
Be A Crafty Ambassador 41
Book Review 41
Bento Box 42
Traveling, Moving, and Writing it all Down 45

CROQ #10 is 48 pages, 1/2 size, color cover and interior printing on white pages
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crafty clipboard question for croq!

It's time for a new issue of CROQ! Yay!

And I'm looking for answers for the Crafty Clipboard! It's not just a way to share your answer to the question of each issue, but also a way to spread the word of your business!

And the question this month is....

Seeing that it's hip to knit (or crochet or craft in general) and all the celebrities are doing it, who do you think is a 'closeted celebrity crafter?' And why?*

My answer:
Who: Mr. T
Why: Because not only do I think Mr. T has a soft side, I also think that with his mohawk, he needs lots of warm hats in winter.


Have an answer? Either respond to this post or email me here!

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*C'mon, you know you've had this conversation, too!

Craft Bag Poll:

Poll #932970 Craft/Bead Bag Poll

What kind of craft/bead bag or tote do you use?

Bag/Tote made specifically for jewelers /or/ beaders
Bag/Tote made specifically for craft /or/ scrapbook supplies
Bag/Tote/Case of some sort with wheels
Regular old tote bag or backpack
Whatever I can find lying around to toss my stuff in

What brand or bag type do you recommend?

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CROQ #8 is out!


CROQ #8 is out!

* Cover Illustration by Cara Buchalter Emanuel of Octavine Illustration
* Where's Craftie
* Stashbuster
* The View Behind the Table: Behind the Scenes at Bazaar Bizarre
* Craft Congress Set to Hold Session
* What We've Been Working On
* Anything But Plain: Tara MacKay
* Zine Reviews
* Don't Let Your Crafty Resolutions Get You Down
* Roller Derby: Back With a DIY Vengeance!
* Charity Crafting: An Exercise in Vanity?
* Getting Started With Credit Cards
* Inventory: The Necessary Evil?
* The Good Indie Boss: Dye Safety
* On Giving Valentines
* 10 Cheap Dates Worth Going On
* Handy-Craft: Infused Bath Salts Using Common Kitchen Ingredients
* How to redecorate with almost $0
* Rockin' the Wristlet
* Weave Up Some Pipecleaners
* Recycled Bottle Cap Pincushion
* Duct Tape Crafts: Instant Crafty Gratification!
* The Crafty Scientist At Large: Crafty New Year's Resolutions, 2007 Edition
* Getting Crafty With Kids: Handcrafts in the Curriculum
* CROQ Kids: DIY Bird Mixes & Feeders
* CROQ Mama: Altered T-Shirts are Kids' Stuff!
* Sewing With Alyssa
* Craptastic Crafts from the Groovin' 70s: Disco Macrame
* Show Your Door Some Love With This Valentine Wreath
* Quinoa--the Supergrain right in your cabinet!
* Black-eyed Peas: Hip Hoppin' John
* Spaghetti Squash: Pasta? Vegetable? Tasty? YES!
* Two Quick 'n Easy Recipes!
* Make Candy for Valentine's Day
* I Heart Yo-Yos

CROQ #8 is 52 pages, 1/2 size, color cover and interior printing on white pages.
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calling all crafters...

hello...CROQ readers!

for the next issue, we are asking readers,

"What new craft do you want to try for 2007 and why?"

if you have an answer, and would like it to be in the zine along with your name and website (free promotion!), please either respond here or email me with your answer by tomorrow at the latest.

to get the ball rolling, here's my answer:

.new craft: machine-sewing
.why: because i finally need to learn how to use my sweet, sweet 60s singer

betsy greer
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Croq #7 Now Available

Croq #7 Now Available ($4 in Etsy Shop)

The seventh issue of CROQ was released in December 2006, and features a cover illustration by's Kate Dolamore, an interview with Melissa Detloff of Crafters for Critters, How to Write a Press Release, a Recycled Clothing Doggie Sweater DIY Project, and more.

Also in CROQ #7:

CROQ Feedback 4
Documenting the Craft Movement:
The Indie Craft Documentary 5
Plum of the Month Club 6
Crafting is For the Dogs:
Melissa Detloff, Crafters for Critters 8
Why Imitate? Collaborate! 10
How to Write a Press Release 12
One Crafter'ss View:
How to Shop for a Knitter 14
Recycled Clothing Doggie Sweater 15
Pretty Little Things: Lori Marie 16
Little Red (or Blue, or Brown)
Riding Capelet! 18
Celebrating DIY Life and New Wave
Crafters: Hip Magazines Abound! 20
Getting Rich Quick Through the Ages
of 7 to 14 22
The Crafty Scientist at Large:
Why I Love Project Runway! 25
PDF Publishing: The New Online
Product Revolution 26
DIY Maternity Jeans 28
Perfect gift for any occasion:
Charm Necklaces 30
Make it do or wear it out:
What to do with extras 31
Transforming Leftovers 33
Frugal & Easy Winter Meals 35
Warm Up With Winter Soups 37
The View from the Couch:
How to Survive Winter 39
Zine Reviews 40
It Started With a Button 41
Fabulous and Easy Felt Garland 42
Brew Your Own: Tea-Blending 43
Getting Crafty With Kids: Simple &
Fun Kid-Friendly Projects 44
Where Do You Find the Time? 46

CROQ #7 is 53 pages, 1/2 size, Full color cover and interior printing on white pages.

Croq #5 now available!

CROQ #5: Summer 2006
Now Available!

Buy Me for $4 at

The fifth issue of CROQ features an interview with Naughty Secretary Jennifer Perkins, host of the DIY Network's show "Craft Lab", an essay on buying Local vs. Organic by's Jean Railla, and Camping Crafts & Cooking.

Also in CROQ #5:

Protect Your Intellectual Property from MySpace
CROQ Business 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Business But Were Afraid to Ask
Upcoming Indie Craft Shows
Setting Up Your Own Creative Space
Good Beginner Art and Craft Shows: How to Take the Plunge and Find the Right Ones
Copyright & Trademark Law Clash With Pop Art & Recycling
The Craft Historian: Victorian Era Crafts
Internet: Expanding The World of Crafting
Opposing Viewpoints: HelloIndie, Pro & Con
DIY Dyeing (RIT Dye)
Wanna Make a Zine?
24 Hour Zine Thing
Elsie Sampson: Powerhouse Zine Maker Behind "Chinese Sweatshop"
Coffee Craft
Unschooling: A non-traditional alternative
DIY Parenting: Participating at Craft Events With Your Kids
Having Fun With (Little or) No Money!
Dandelions: From Weed to Feed
TVP: What is it and what can I do with it?
Zine Reviews
My Perfect Craft Day
Make Your Own (Vegan) Nigiri Sushi
Homemade Horchata: Drink of Vegan Delight!
Make Your Own Recycled Insulated Bottle
Darn Tooting!
Croq Full O' Nuts Comic

CROQ #4 is 56 pages, 1/2 size, Pink cover, color printing on white interior pages.