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CROQ Zine!
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In this world of blogs, craft books and boutiques agog, we’re not trying to show you what’s new and hip. This zine came about due to a mutual frustration in regards to the current craft

Why isn’t anyone writing about the importance of what we’re doing? Why isn’t there a craft zine written by people who make stuff? And most importantly, we wanted to see a real print and paper zine that we would actually read. With strong online as well as real-life networks, we are entering a new era never before seen.

By combining the power of the internet with the power of personal creativity, we are proving
that things do not have to be mass-produced, that we can be our own stylists, that there is
strength in mastering the sewing machine or the knitting needles or the silkscreen.

We’re about not only recognizing the past legacy and the future possibilities of craft, but about reminding you, the reader, that you’re not alone. Some say that the bubble has already
burst, that craft has reached its apex and is destined to plummet. We say bring it on.
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