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CROQ 10 is now available [Aug. 21st, 2007|12:12 am]
CROQ Zine!



CROQ 10 is now available

Buy it here for $4.00

Issue 10 is our "Travelin' Crafty" Issue
Cover illustration by Kathleen Habbley of seamripper.net

CROQ Feedback 4
Crafty Clipboard 5
Staying Savvy as Your Star Rises 6
Craft Congress Road Trip 8
So What is Craftivism, Anyway? 8
Crafts on the Go:
Best Portable Projects 10
Sublime Stitcher Speaks: Jenny Hart on Indie Business 11
The Long Haul: Have Crafts, Will Travel 14
Thea Starr, Super Star 16
Demonstrations and Teaching: Adventures in the Crafty Classroom 18
Crafting: The Universal Language 20
Dress of the Month Club 22
Craft Spirit: Where’s Our PBS Special 23
Crafty Travels: Heading West 24
Joining Amigurumi 26
Culling Stuff... It’s Damn Hard! 27
Morsbags: Guerilla Activism 28
The Leather Coat Project: Part 3 29
Make Your Own Lingerie 31
Crafty Mama: Summer Reading 33
On the Road with Crafty Kids 34
Crafty Scientist at Large 35
Travel Zine Reviews 36
Eating Cheap on the Road 37
Two Sandwiches for the Road 38
10 Things I Never Knew Until I was Vegan 40
Be A Crafty Ambassador 41
Book Review 41
Bento Box 42
Traveling, Moving, and Writing it all Down 45

CROQ #10 is 48 pages, 1/2 size, color cover and interior printing on white pages