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CROQ #6 Now Available! [Oct. 4th, 2006|01:20 pm]
CROQ Zine!


CROQ #6 Now Available! <Click Me to Go to Etsy Shop>

The sixth issue of CROQ was released in October 2006, and features a cover illustration by boygirlparty.com's Susie Ghahremani, an interview with CRAFT magazine's Natalie Zee, the Hollywood diaries of "Uncommon Threads", and more.

Also in CROQ #6:

First Annual Plummy Awards Results
Croq Interviews Fred Flare
Sock Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Carrie Atkinson of Sock it To Me Socks
Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Reducing Textile Waste through Clothing Recycling
Things to do When Starting Your Own Business
When Handmade Grows Up: Going Mass-Market
Craft Show Survival Hints: The Awkward Crafter. How to be shy and still have a good show!
Working from Home 101
Make your own banner
Naming Your Art or Craft Business
Screen Printing Demystified
Build your own Silk Screen
DIY Parenting: Back to School Crafts
Uncommon Threads: The Hollywood Diaries
The DIY Landscaper: Free Flagstones from the Government
DIY Life: Finding Good Deals (Freebies and Cheap Stuff)
Costumes through the 80s: A personal history
Craft-Lebrity Fit Club
The View from the Couch: 30 Days to a New You? I think not
Baby Gourmet: DIY Baby Food
Zine Reviews
Poetry is Crafty, Too
Croq Full O' Nuts Comic

CROQ #6 is 60 pages, 1/2 size, Full color cover and interior printing on white pages.

[User Picture]From: yardenxanthe
2006-10-05 09:13 pm (UTC)
We'll have subscriptions very soon! :)
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